Winkelman Architecture

Walk-In Wooden Cooler


2007, Improvements 2008

Photography: Winkelman

Initial Install: Cold Mountain Builders, Inc.

Millwork (Improvements): Nate Holyoke Builders

Mechanical Engineer: Mechanical Services Inc

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Salvaged heart pine / heated glass / steel / neoprene

Client's vison was for classic walk-in wooden cooler (refrigerator / freezer): custom, all wood, The 'kla-klunk' sound made when ref doors close... was a descriptor for its 'feel'. Walk-in to restock, outter access doors to kitchen for convenience.

Traditional in appearance - but contemporary in performance: heated jambs (elim condensation, freezing), heated glass (elim condenstion), access doors with embedded steel frame (skinned with wood) for endurance, stablity, resawn recycled heart-pine inside and out, antiqued hardware (new), water cooled and remotely located condensers for quiet operation, chilled bottled water spigot, special 'super-chilled' compartment loads from interior with soda and beer.

Located in a 'non-conditioned' summer camp kitchen (where it might be 80 degrees and humid, cooking pasta) with an adjacent freezer door (keeping ice cream hard) with glass. No small feat. Mechanical engineer very patient.