Winkelman Architecture

Sebago White Camp

Raymond, Maine

Project Team: Eric Sokol, Will Winkelman

Landscape Architect: Richardson Associates

Structural Engineer: Albert Putnam Associates

Builder: Bill Symonds, Symonds Builders, Inc.

Photography: Jeff Roberts

Red camp’s kid brother

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The new “white camp” is smaller than its sibling, and set a bit deeper into the pine trees along the shore of Sebago Lake.  At 1,200 square feet, it features an open kitchen and living room oriented around a central stone fireplace.  At the back is a bedroom and full bath, while an office and bunkroom are located upstairs.  The size of the cottage was very constrained by zoning, so every inch of space was made efficient with built in seating, beds, and casework and custom cabinets.

Just like the Red Camp, a strong connection to the site and lake was fostered by using natural materials and finishes, and by creating a large screened porch with a sliding glass wall that melds the comfortable interior and exterior spaces together.