Winkelman Architecture

Salvaged Fittings Chandelier

Maine: 2009

Photography: Winkelman

Interior Design: Vince Moulton Interiors

Blacksmith: Patrick Plourde

Install: Nate Holyoke Builders

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Dark camp interior made for light starved clients. Solution was to create a light-industrial/salvaged-parts chandelier to deliver high-performance lighting, delivered in 3 layers.

1 - Uplight: upper salvaged flywheel houses 4 inexpensive halogen worklight lamps flooding vaulted ceiling with indirect, dimmable light. Amber mica glows below. Gray rainy days become bright and cheery.

2 - Decorative layer: eight porcelain sockets with funky lampshades are for character. Little practical light is delivered, low wattage for less glare.

3 - Downlights: eight 4" diameter pipe tees house r-30 flood lights, deeply recessed, for dimmable downlight - bright enough to read.

Highly collaborative team effort from concept to resourcing of parts, composition, performance evaluation, assembly, finishes, installation, and funky lampshades.