Winkelman Architecture

Perrigwen Lodge Restoration

Peaks Island, Maine


Photography: Will Winkelman

Builder: Bill Bunton

Whitten + Winkelman Architects Project: Winkelman Lead

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This project was a painstaking and precise renovation of a turn of the century waterfront cottage on Peaks Island which over the years had fallen into great disrepair.

The owner had spent summers in this cottage as a boy and had recently purchased the house, which had been sitting vacant for many years, from his family. His goal was to do a comprehensive repair and restoration to the cottage, bringing it back to the way he remembered it as a child.

Tremendous structural creativity was required to bolster the delicate frame of the existing cottage without spoiling the feel of the existing finishes, or reducing size of the already small interior rooms. To this end, the cottage was righted, floors leveled, and a thin structural frame applied to the exterior. Rigid insulation to the exterior and new windows were added to create a three-season cottage.

Inside, hardware, fixtures, and doors were salvaged and meticulously restored, mechanical systems replaced and updated, and new wall and ceiling finishes were precisely milled to match the existing.