Winkelman Architecture

Katahdin Lake Camp

Millinocket, Maine


Photography: Nate Holyoke

Builder: Nate Holyoke Builders

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Our clients came to us with a dream site; a secluded lakeside camp on an island overlooking Mt. Katahdin. The log framed camp had been built in the 1950’s by the owner’s father and was very dear to her, but they hoped to gently renovate and expand it slightly to better accommodate a growing family, and to transform it into a comfortable, three season retreat.

Because of the camp’s proximity to the lake, the size and scope of the renovation was greatly limited by state zoning regulations; great care was taken to restore the majority of the existing structure and weave it into the new construction seamlessly. The footprint of the addition was kept small, and angled slightly toward the best views of the mountain. Since the existing camp had only an open sleeping loft, the new piece added three new bedrooms to gain some privacy.

The logistics of construction and coordination were daunting due to the camp’s remote island location; access and material delivery were limited to the warmest months by boat, and again via snowmobile once the lake had completely frozen through.