Winkelman Architecture

Island Woods Cottage

Peaks Island, Maine


Photography: Winkelman

Builder: Lha Builders

Whitten + Winkelman Architects Project: Winkelman Lead

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The owners had purchased a beautiful, secluded wooded lot on Peaks Island, that came complete with a decrepit, abandoned cottage. In its place, they wanted to build a modest, three bedroom, year round classic cottage with an open kitchen / dining / living plan.

Working within the confines of tight budget, a “single-loaded” plan scheme was employed where all of the living spaces were organized side by side in a linear fashion. This helped keep things simple and also allowed the majority of the structural members to be single span. To keep the interiors bright on the densely wooded site, the majority of first floor windows and doors were oversized and pushed up tight to the ceiling. A custom fabricated glass balustrade on the main stair lets light from the glazed wall into the room and keeps the stair from visually crowding the living spaces.