Winkelman Architecture

Island Contemporary Renovation

Peaks Island, Maine


Photography: Winkelman

Builder: LHA Builders

Whitten + Winkelman Architects project: Winkelman lead

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A renovation to a salt-box, originally built in 1986. Despite its dramatic oceanside location, views to the water were tremendously impaired by an imposing roofline and few, small windows.

The solution was to construct a small, two-story dormer on the living room. Aside from expanding the small room, the glazed wall flooded the house with daylight and opened both the first and second floors up to the water views. Partition walls separating the dining room and the kitchen were removed, allowing the rooms to flow together better and affording the kitchen its much deserved view.

The exterior deck was expanded slightly and reoriented toward the water. Breaking the deck into two levels created an implied social area in the front, and a raised, more secluded section to the side.