Winkelman Architecture

Diamond Pass Cottage

Peaks Island, Maine


Photography: Eric Sokol and Winkelman

Builder: Lha Builders

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The owners were a young family that had spent many years enjoying the drooping old island cottage, with its beautiful views of Diamond Channel. Their goal was to build a new camp with a more open plan that took better advantage of the water views, and would grab more sunlight from the rear (uphill) side of the house. Additionally, they frequently entertained for large groups of friends and family, so they wanted to create something dynamic, that could accommodate up to 16 guests comfortably.

To help keep the mass of the new place in proportion with the neighboring cottages, the glazed seasonal porch was broken off from the main house and attached by a narrow connector. Oversized casement windows open to allow the room to function as a screened porch in warmer weather or close to enjoy the fireplace on crisp autumn days. An enormous gable transom at the rear pulls sunlight into the space from the south.

The main house is set up as an open kitchen / living / dining area, with a semi-private family room. Great care was taken to maintain viewlines from the kitchen at the back of the house, through the living areas and out to the water.

Out of respect for the beloved old cottage, the owners salvaged and stockpiled a tremendous amount of its bead board, millwork, and timbers. These were incorporated back into the new cottage as visible structural columns, stair parts and wall finishes.