Winkelman Architecture

Camp In The Trees

Bridgton, Maine

Project Team: Joanna Shaw, Will Winkelman

Photography: Jeff Roberts, Joanna Shaw

Builder: Symonds Builders, Inc

A thoughtful family camp that shifts and dances among the oaks

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True to its name, Long Lake stretches 11 miles through the woods of western Maine. This 9-acre site along the west shore of the lake includes a long stretch of waterfront along a gently sloping wooded lot. An older camp and garage were replaced by the main house and master bedroom suite, while an existing boathouse was updated to accommodate the needs of the family and guests. The sitting of the house respects an old oak grove and an established flow of water crossing the site.  

The client was seeking to create a traditional “Maine camp” feeling with a modern touch and amenities.  Key elements included an open plan kitchen, a multi-purpose gathering area with a screened porch,  an abundance of windows for light and views, a private master suite, and space to accommodate overnight guests.

The house’s footprint shifts and dances between the oaks. Soft angles in the floor plan carve out cozy places to sit, read, listen to waves against the shoreline and gather together as a family.

The early stages of the design process began with a large centralized plan to include living and sleeping spaces.  However as discussions progressed, we slid the master bedroom out to become its own retreat in close proximity to the soft sounds of a nearby stream.  A walkway with wood decking flows between the trees and tethers the kitchen, living room and dining room to the master bedroom.  The walkway is covered to protect from rain and the posts provide lovely framed views of the lake.

Each space is a true reflection of this family.  A love to cook and to entertain inspired the engaging relationship between the kitchen and the screen porch.  Over-sized double hung windows open to the kitchen counter to serve a meal and for cook and kids to spend time together.