Beer Keg Grill

Maine: 2010
Photography: Winkelman, Todd Richardson
Landscape (and collaborating) Architect:
Richardson and Associates
Mason: Freshwater Masonry
Blacksmith: Tim Greene / Standfast Works Forge

The unique BBQ is meant to integrate into its boulder strewn landscape. The design exercise of resourcing, composing and siting the granite base was led by Todd Richardson.

The base cradles a pair of beer kegs that have been sliced and diced into a grill. The keg's rework was a collaboration with blacksmith Tim Greene. Features include a split and hinged lid, removable racks, adjustable vents, heat dissipating handles. Fuel is charcoal. Firebox lining is soapstone, slotted for racks.

Materials: stainless beer keg / granite / soapstone