Points of View Residence

Peaks Island, Maine
Photography by: James R. Salomon, Winkelman
Builder: LHA Builders
Whitten Architects Project: Winkelman Lead

Site Conditions
A congested, idiosyncratic water front site with marginal and poorly fitted existing structures and a road in its foreground, including a series of overlaid zoning and shoreland restrictions with promising east, south and west fresh and salt water views and southerly exposure.

Client Program
The clients, with grown children and grandchildren sought a two-part program; A living, dining, kitchen, den and master suite zoned distinctly separate from a guest quarters of 2 bedrooms, bath and studio / recreation overflow space.

Design Response
The solution is a highly tailored fit of their program to this site. the two-part program created the opportunity to break up the mass of a 3,500 sf program to better integrate to its island context. its stairwell, which is just behind the forward living / dining / master suite zone, weaves together the split level rear zone, integrating access from the lowest level garage and a central mudroom. this stairwell, a source for daylight into the center of the house, is transparent, visually linking the rear and forward zones and the upper living deck.