Fishing Camp Boathouse

Remote Northern Wilderness 2010
Landscape Architect: Richardson and Associates

A boathouse and dock to serve as the gateway for an active, traditional fishing camp nestled on the shore of a pristine lake deep in the Northern wilderness. The structure needed to provide slips and cover for four small fishing canoes, a utility boat and equipment, as well as a versatile docking point for a floatplane.

In order to blend in with the rustic nature of the other structures of the camp, the boathouse was constructed entirely out of locally harvested logs and roughsawn timbers. The support posts were fitted and assembled in a very tailored but organic fashion, and wrapped in rugged, hand-forged steel bands. Great care was taken to keep the log structure visually “light” while remaining robust enough to withstand the tremendous winds and snow loads that it would see in winter.

To reduce the impact of the construction on the sensitive site, the majority of the work was done in winter, when the lake and ground were frozen. The log structure of the boathouse was harvested, peeled, and joints cut and fit off site in a craftsman’s shop. The fitted structure was then brought to the site and assembled before the ice thawed.